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Nordic Skiing

Nordic Cross-Country and Telemark skiing are forms of skiing where it gives you freedom to ski over snow-covered terrain using your own body and without the need to use lifts.  By teaching the basic beginner Classic Cross Country (CXC) and Telemark Techniques, participants will learn of another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the winter season. 

Cross Country 

Cross Country Lessons will include intro to CXC Skis and equipment, CXC etiquette, and how CXC differs from Alpine skiing.


Lesson goals are focused on giving the participants the ability to continue to CXC ski on their own and/or with their family.   


Adaptive equipment used for our Alpine program will also provide support that may be needed for our participants.  Having access to nature by exploring the woods in the winter time has proven positive beneficial results both mentally and physically.

A family group of cross country skiers on a sunny winter morning.
Close Up of Cross Country Boots Gliding on Snow
Ski Sundown Telemark Skier .jpg

Telemark Skiing


Telemark skiing is a combination of alpine and nordic skiing using the “telemark turn” technique. It is “free heel” skiing on both ascent and descent skiing with climbing skins or wax and is a downhill sport at lift-service resorts called Lift-service Telemarking.


Telemark skiing provides benefits to strengthen the participants physically and improve balance.  Participants will learn the different types of telemark gear including the variety of telemark skis and boots and the difference and similarities to both nordic and alpine.

Adaptive equipment will be used based on participant’s needs. Telemark skiing provides an experience for participants to improve their current overall skiing ability that sharpens their balance and agility and opportunities to ski off piste. 

Check back soon for more information on Nordic lessons

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