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Frequently Asked Questions 

Skiing and Riding at Ski Sundown

Q. How do I schedule a lesson? 

A. Once you have completed the Participant Registration Form (link here), please allow 3 days for us to process the registration.    After that time you can call Ski Sundown Welcome Center at (860) 379-7669 x211 to make adaptive lesson reservations.  One five week package or five individual lessons will be available to reserve per participant initially.  There is a maximum of 5 individual lessons per participant you can reserve and book, additional requests will be added to the waitlist. All reservations are charged in full when booked.  There is no refund for a 5 week package lesson but the lift pass will be active for the day you missed.  Ski Sundown offers an Insurance Protection Policy that can be purchased at the time of the 5 week lesson package purchase. A full refund will be issued for individual lessons if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the reservation. Reschedules made within 48 hours are subject to a $25 fee.  Sorry but we cannot offer on-the-spot lessons. When booking a lesson please indicate if skiing, snowboarding, sit-skiing AND if rental equipment is needed.

Q. Are scholarships available? 

A. Summit Adaptive Sports is pleased to offer scholarships to veterans and those with financial need.  They are made possible by grants and generous donors. Scholarship applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis until our scholarship funds are depleted. If you are interested in applying please complete a Scholarship Application (in addition to the Participant Registration Form) and our independent review committee will contact you.  The Scholarship Application can be found in our How to Participate section. 

Q. Do I need a medical form to participate? 

A. We do not require that you submit a general medical form to us for participation however you should check with your (your family member's) physician prior to participation and receive a recommendation from them to join us for lessons.  Very important - any individual with a history of seizures needs to submit a Seizure Protocol Plan to us when you complete the Participant Registration Form, or shortly thereafter but prior to first lesson.  Be sure to email us at with any specific medical concerns prior to your first lesson. 

Q. How should I dress?  

A. Clothing: warm jacket, snow pants, well-fitting waterproof gloves or mittens, wool or synthetic blend socks (not cotton), long underwear, goggles/sunglasses, Helmets: REQUIRED ski helmet (we can lend for free) 

Q. What should I bring for me or my family member? 
A. Depending on your or your family member's needs you should bring:

Water and Snack 

Reinforcers - for the student to perform new or difficult tasks, please give or inform the coach of these incentives at the beginning of the lesson. 

Visual Behavioral Supports - simple behavioral supports such as token boards and choice boards.

Communication Supports - augmentative communication devices.

Ski or snowboard equipment - rentals are included in the lesson package.  *Notify the Welcome Center when scheduling the lesson if rentals are needed.  If personal equipment is preferred, be certain it is tuned and fitted properly.

Q. Do I need to have my own equipment?

A. Rentals are included in your lesson package but individuals often prefer to have their own equipment for convenience.  Your can either buy or take a season lease.  Suburban Sports in Berlin, CT, Fatty's in Canton, CT and Bob's Ski Chalet in Avon, CT are a few local businesses that sell equipment and offer season leases.  In addition, Ski Sundown's Ski Patrol runs the popular annual Ski Swap at in the main lodge of Ski Lodge in early November where you can buy and sell equipment. 

Q. What should I expect when I arrive for my lesson?
A. Here are a few things to expect when you arrive:

Parking: Please allow for ample time on busy weekends.  Lot attendants will guide you to accessible spaces.

Where to Meet Your Coach:  You will be greeted at the Summit Adaptive Sports shed located the beginner area.  We recommend you meet the coach 10 minutes before lesson starts. 

Anything new?: - Please notify the coach of any changes (medications, extra tired, etc.) they should be aware of.

Lift Tickets/Companion Tickets: The coach will hand out the lift ticket(s) or badges.

Planning for Breaks and end of Lesson: Just before heading onto the snow - A meeting plan will be made for breaks and the end of the lesson. 

Q. What happens when the lesson is over? 
A. Here are a few things to expect when the lesson is over: 

Athlete: will meet back at the Summit Shed unless an alternate plan is made with the coach.  

Rentals:  need to be returned

4 Hour ticket: If you want to continue skiing - both the lesson and companion tickets are good for a total of 4 hours from the lesson start time.  The lift attendant will let you know how much time is left.

Q. What if there is bad weather?

A. Check Summit Adaptive Website for information on lesson cancellation information if there is bad weather.  If we need to cancel lessons because of bad weather every effort will be made to reschedule with you. 

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