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Frequently Asked Questions - General Information For Participants

Q. How do I schedule a lesson?

A. The first step is to complete the Participant Registration Form.  Once complete you will be able to schedule your lessons (s) (currently available for skiing and snowboarding only).  

Q. Are scholarships available? 

A. Summit Adaptive Sports is pleased to offer scholarships to veterans and those with financial need.  They are made possible by grants and generous donors.  Scholarships applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis until our scholarship funds are depleted.  If you are interested in applying please complete a Scholarship Application (in addition to the Participant Registration Form) and our independent review committee will contact you.  The Scholarship Application can be found in our How to Participate section. 

Q. What should I bring with me? 
A. Depending on your or your family member needs please bring the following: 

  • Water and Snack 

  • Reinforcers: For the student to perform new or difficult tasks, please give or inform the coach of these incentives at the beginning of the lesson. 

  • Visual Behavioral Supports: Simple behavioral supports such as token boards and choice boards.

  • Communication Supports: Augmentative communication devices

Q. Do I need a medical form to participate? 

A. We do not require that you submit a general medical form to us for participation however you should check with your (your family member's) physician prior to participation and receive a recommendation from them to join us for lessons.  Very important - any individual with a history of seizures needs to submit a Seizure Protocol Plan to us when you complete the Participant Registration Form, or shortly thereafter but prior to first lesson.  Be sure to email us at with any specific medical concerns prior to your first lesson. 

Q. What if there is bad weather?

A. Check Summit Adaptive Website for information on lesson cancellation information if there is bad weather.  If we need to cancel lessons because of bad weather every effort will be made to reschedule with you. 

Q. Where is parking located? 

A. At Ski Sundown the parking attendants will direct you to accessible parking.  The designated handicap spots are to the left of the entrance bridge.  Sometimes the lots are very busy but there is a drop off area near the entrance bridge if needed.  For other sports we will send additional communication with parking information. 

Q. How will I meet my coach/the group and get my ticket?

A. Your coach will have your ticket.  For snow sports we meet at the equipment shed just outside the rear exit of rental building).  For other sports we will send additional communication.

Q. Do parents or guardians need to remain on site? 

A. It is strongly encouraged for parents or guardians to remain on site for all of our sporting activities. 

Q: What is your current policy for COVID-19?

A: We will be following state and federal guidelines throughout the season. Please review our current COVID-19 Policy for the most up-to-date policy information.

Sport Specific FAQs 

Disc Golf  - coming soon

Mountain Biking/Trail Riding  - coming soon  

Hiking  - coming soon 

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