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Frequently Asked Questions - Volunteers 

Q: How do I register to become an adaptive coach?

A: Please register by clicking this link Volunteer Registration Form and you will be taken to our registration form. 

Q: What is my time commitment for a season?  

A: Coaching: For our winter program of skiing and riding we ask for a commitment of 10 days.  Usually coaches pick one weekend day.  We usually have lessons starting about January 1st and running through mid March.  There is opportunity to do additional lessons (holiday weeks or long season).  If you need to switch a day we request that you find another volunteer to swap days since we pre-book all our lessons based on number of volunteer coaches we have committed in each time slot.    

Training: Summit has a minimum training commitments and coaching requirements that  vary by sport.  For skiing & riding we have an approximately 10 hour indoor training (some training is available by zoom) commitment beginning mid Fall.  When on snow training is available we hold preseason clinics on weekend days.  We also hold cross training sessions some evenings, usually early in the season, so skiers can learn to assist on a snowboard lesson and visa versa. 


Q:  What is covered in training hours?

A. Training to become an adaptive coach covers many topics including Coaching Basic (101), Working with Individuals with Disabilities, the adaptive equipment we use (and when we are on snow, we practice with all of our equipment), personal skiing and riding skills, and more.  

Q: Will I be one-on-one with a student? 

A. In addition to our preseason training our coaches get 'on the job' training during their first years so you will be paired with an experienced coach on your early lessons until you and our supervisors agree that you are ready to be one-on-one.   Our supervisors are on the mountain during lessons, or in the chalet, to give advice and help out as needed.  We use radios to communicate with each other during lessons as needed.

Q. Can I get my PSIA-AASI certification while volunteering? 

A. Our goal is to have as many certified coaches as possible so we are very happy to encourage you to go for your certification and will help as we are able. 


Q. Do we wear uniforms?

A. Yes, we have shell jackets that will work for most sports.  You can layer as needed underneath.  We take a deposit of $125 which will be returned when you turn in the jacket.  Vests are permitted on warm days and we have identifying patches that can be sewn on.  We recommend that you wear black ski pants (for snowsports) on your lessons. 

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